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Mapping Resources

This is a list of mapping resources gathered during a workshop at NID, Paldi, in August 2014. Updated in March 2016.

Map Tools

OpenStreetMap – Contribute and download map data.

Java OpenStreetMap Editor (JOSM Editor) – A desktop application to work with data downloaded from OpenStreetMap and/or collected from GPS devices. Can be used to clean and manage map data, as well as to upload that to OpenStreetMap.

Field Papers – A tool to print out parts of OpenStreetMap, add data to it by hand (using black pen), and to upload a scanned/photographed copy of it that gets automatically geo-referenced and aligned into OpenStreetMap. The hand-written data, however, would require manual digitisation.

Maperitive – Desktop application to download data from OpenStreetMap in PNG and SVG formats.

Google Earth – Trace over satellite imagery to create map data, save it as .KML, convert it to .SVG and use it in design softwares.

GPS Visualizer – Convert .KML files (and more) to .SVG (and more).

LatLong.net – Search for places and find out the latitude and longitude of the same.

Ushahidi and Crowdmap - Crowdsource geo-referenced information.

CartoDB - Plot and analyse geospatial data using a menu-driven interface.

OpenHeatMap - Generate simple heatmaps.

Mapbox Studio – Plot geospatial data and create custom designed map tiles.

Leaflet – A simple JavaScript library to create web-based interactive maps. Basemaps from different services (Google, Bing, OpenStreetMap, etc.) can be displayed along with various data layers (simple vector, GeoJSON, image, etc.).

Quantum GIS – A free and open source GIS software, for map data management, analysis etc.

GADM Database of Global Administrative Areas - Download geospatial data of administrative boundaries of countries across the world.


OpenStreetMap – Beginniners’ Guide.

LearnOSM – Learn OpenStreetMap Step by Step.

Maperitive – Documentation.

GeoJournalism Handbook – The Handbook has a set of tutorials on various mapping tools (as well as other data collection/visualisation tools).

Switch2OSM – Getting Started with Leaflet.

Andy Maloney – Creating an Interactive Map with Leaflet and OpenStreetMap.

Quantum GIS - Tutorials and Tips.


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